Cardinal and Gambel's Quail

Catalina Foothills, Tucson, Arizona – This is the first male Northern Cardinal and male Gambel’s Quail we have photographed together. The cardinal had been there for a while singing and chirping away. Then the male quail jumped up in the tree, but was still about ten feet from the cardinal. The quail started to call. Not wanting to be out sung, the Northern Cardinal flew over and asked him to find another tree. The quail parachuted to the ground and went on his way.

Pyrrhuloxia Bird

Male Phainopepla

Male Mallard Duck

Female Phainopepla BirdPhainopepla and Hummingbird

Hummingbird Watching a Bee

Hummingbird and Beeshummingbird bees3-imphummingbird and bees

Goldfinch in the Snow

Verdin in the Snow

Tucson Snow January 1st 2015 with Pyrrhuloxia Bird


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