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Ladder-backed Woodpecker

First, I took the top photo. Then, I couldn’t believe it crawled out. I think he was playing with it before he ate it.
gila woodpecker worm-imp

Gila Woodpecker eating worm




gila woodpecker on saguaro

I love watching a Ladderback on the Saguaro Cactus looking for insects. They jump around on the big limbs and make lots of noise.

ladderback 1-imp ladderback 2-imp ladderback 3-imp


I sat out back today and waited to see how many different birds would come. Here are the ones I got pictures of. It’s always fun to see them looking back at me when I work on the photographs. I took these in about an hour and a half.

new years verdin 2-imp new years verdin 1-imp new years quails-imp new years pyrrhuloxia bird-imp new years pyrrhuloxia bird 2-imp
new years mourning dove-imp new years hummingbird-imp new years gila woodpecker-imp new years common finch-imp new years cardinal-imp new years cactus wren-imp new years cactus wren 2-imp

One little Wood Rat too:

new years wood rat-imp

Nice start to 2013 and some bird watching. No hawks!

This Gila Woodpecker female watches as the male eats.

She is keeping an eye out for Hawks.

These male and female Ladderback Woodpeckers have carved out a home for their nest here. The stalk is very woody after the Century Plant blooms and dies.

The Saguaro Cactus flowers are blooming a little early here, and the birds are really enjoying them. Perfect weather in Tucson, Arizona for some bird watching this morning.


Mourning Doves

Gila Woodpecker

Gila Woodpecker

I don’t often see these out back, but saw this one yesterday.