It’s been a month and the baby Gambel’s Quail can now make it over the fence with ease. If you look close you can see the Mom’s, or Dad’s feet standing on the fence watching.

Baby Gambel's Quail

13 out of the 14 eggs hatched today.  Within a few hours they jumped from the nest, about 4′ in the air. Some landed on an air plant under them, and some right onto the concrete porch. All were fine. They followed their Mom and Dad immediately. It was amazing to watch.

Baby Chick Gambel Quail 060414tucson2-imp 060414tucson3-imp 060414tucson4-imp 060414tucson5-imp 060414tucson6-imp

There are 14 eggs in a hanging basket, on our back porch. Mom Quail watches from a distance.  They’ve been in there for a few weeks now. When they hatch the babies will jump down. Can’t wait!

gambel quail eggs Gambel Quail female

Phainopepla female

First, I took the top photo. Then, I couldn’t believe it crawled out. I think he was playing with it before he ate it.
gila woodpecker worm-imp

Gila Woodpecker eating worm


Pyrrhuloxia on birdbath



gila woodpecker on saguaro

This bird has a striking orange eye, and a beautiful song. Sitting on the Saguaro cactus outback, it is trying to get at the flowers before they open.

Thrasher bird in Arizona thrasher saguaro buds-imp

quail eating lettucequails sharing lettuce-imp

One thing is for sure. Male Hummingbirds will not share a feeder. Right after this shot they soared off into the sky ‘sword’ fighting.

2 hummingbirds-imp


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