Phainopepla female

First, I took the top photo. Then, I couldn’t believe it crawled out. I think he was playing with it before he ate it.
gila woodpecker worm-imp

Gila Woodpecker eating worm


Pyrrhuloxia on birdbath



gila woodpecker on saguaro

This bird has a striking orange eye, and a beautiful song. Sitting on the Saguaro cactus outback, it is trying to get at the flowers before they open.

Thrasher bird in Arizona thrasher saguaro buds-imp

quail eating lettucequails sharing lettuce-imp

One thing is for sure. Male Hummingbirds will not share a feeder. Right after this shot they soared off into the sky ‘sword’ fighting.

2 hummingbirds-imp

Two Cactus Wrens live in the holes of this Saguaro. They go in and out of both of them. I don’t think the holes are connected inside because they always come out of the one they go into.

cactus wrens 2-imp

Right before the rain started a couple of days ago, this Costa’s hummingbird was riding a Mesquite branch in the wind.

costas hummingbird male 2-imp costas hummingbird male-imp

This is the first time we have ever seen a Night Hawk flying during the day. They usually come out at dusk. There had to be a nest nearby.

063013 night hawk-imp 063013 night hawk 2-imp


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